Samule Porro has conquered the 3Epic “pre-World Cup” race. Christina Kollmann has made an amazing comeback

Samule Porro conquista la 3Epic “Premondiale”. Christina Kollmann autrice di una straordinaria rimonta
settembre 2, 2017
Il primo test sul percorso della 3Epic Mondiale, porta la firma dell’olimpionica Gunn Rita Dahle
novembre 24, 2017

Samule Porro has conquered the 3Epic “pre-World Cup” race. Christina Kollmann has made an amazing comeback

Auronzo-Misurina (BL), 2nd September 2017 – The Italian Samuele Porro (Team Trek Selle San Marco) won the 2017 edition of the 3Epic which anticipates the 2018 World Cup. The biker from Como earned an exciting victory with strong determination on a tough and demanding track, which in the previous days had been plagued with bad weather, but was then cheered by the sun that peeked out throughout the whole race and lifted up the spirits of the more than 1,600 participants.

The test, included in the U.C.I. Mountain Bike Marathon Series (95.8 km long, with 3,183 m altitude difference), had been fought and uncertain until the very end, and the 3Epic track did not disappoint the expectations at all.

It was the Colombian Paez who started inflaming the race since the very beginning, by anticipating his opponents and taking advantage of the initial ascents. After two hours, at the downhill of Col de Varda, he also got rid of the European Champion Tiago Ferreira.


After 45 km, a duo – made of Samuele Porro and the Austrian Hochnwarter – chased Paez down with a 1’-delay at Malga Rimbianco.

After three hours, at Malga Maraia, Paez started to give in, and his opponents from behind seemed closer and threatening. The chase came to an end before the last 25 km, when a trio made up before the last three ascents. Porro was the most active, seized the moment, and amazed everyone by making the decisive move and gaining ground and precious seconds, whereas Paez felt the blow and was sent back to the rear. In the final pulse-pounding race moments, the Italian cyclist took advantage of the technical and fast track sections in the final descents – that he masters at his best – in order to avoid the comeback of the Austrian Hochnwarter, and risked the impossible, building suspense and exciting the many spectators crowded together along the homestretch. Solo arrival sprint, arms raised and a little bit of emotion for Samuele Porro, who crossed the finish line after 4h 37’ e 30” ahead of a thrilled Hochnwarter by 28”, and of Kristian Hynek by additional 4’, unexpectedly third further to an amazing comeback in the final sections. As to the Women category, it was the new European Champion Christina Kollmann (Team Texpa Simplon) who surprised and excited all by winning the race, notwithstanding a slow and cautious start.  Kollmann crossed the finish line after 5h 34’ e 39” ahead of the Swiss Lüthi by more than 4’, and of a satisfied Maria Cristina Nisi by 19’. Protagonist in the initial track sections, Nisi in the final ones was able to make up the places lost in the descent technical sections.
3Epic U.C.I. Mountain Bike Marathon Series – Men èlite:

1. Samuele Porro – Team Trek Selle San Marco 04:37:30
2. Uwe Hochnwarter – Craft Rocky Mountain +00:28
3. Kristian Hynek – Topeak Ergon +03:11
4. Jiri Novak – DMT Racing Team +04:49
5. Jochen Kass – Centurion Vaude +05:43
6. Leonardo Hector Leon Paez – Polimedical FRM +05:51
7. Francesco Failli – Cicli Taddei +06:19
8. Hermann Pernsteiner – Centurion Vaude +06:37
9. Alban Lakata – Topeak Ergon +08:32
10. Riccardo Chiarini – Team NOB Selle Italia +08:54

3Epic U.C.I. Mountain Bike Marathon Series – Women èlite:

1. Christina Kollmann – Team Texpa Simplon 05:34:39
2. Ariane Lüthi – Team Spur +04:41
3. Maria Cristina Nisi – Bike Innovation Focus Piss +19:03
4. Katazina Sosna – Torpado Südtirol MTB Pro Team +25:03
5. Michalina Ziolkowska – Volkswagen Samochody Uzytkowe +25:21
6. Jennie Stenerhag – Falu Cykelklubb +29:58
7. Elena Gaddoni – Cicli Taddei +32:10
8. Cemile Trommer – Focus Rapiro Racing +57:54
9. Jennifer Fiori – Bike Theraphy +1:27:19
10. Ilda Pereira – Amar BTB Torcatense +1:31:30


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