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Start Malon Bridge - Ponte Malon
Length 3.980 mt.
Starting level 870 mt. asl
Arrival level 1.568 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 698 mt.
Average slope 0,1753

The climb starts from Ponte Malón, the first part on a paved road, the second part very steep, which softens close to the crossroad of Taiaréze, from where iyou continues uphill and keep the left. Continue climbing on a still comfortable forest road, with significant slopes, up to the intersection with the service road for the ski slopes. By taking this mule track, the slopes soften up and lead us at the foot of the Alberto Tomba slope.Climb slightly uphill, until you face the wall of Malon Basso that takes you to the homonymous plain. Along the ski lift and the dirt road, first you arrive at the Tabià(*) of Malón Àuto and Pomauria, then - turning left, through a final decisive and challenging short and very hard climb you reach Monte Agudo Shelter, where you dominate the valley and can admire a great panorama. (*) Former barn, typical of the Belluno province, then turned into a tourist accommodation.


Start Tabià da Rin
Length 1.480 mt.
Starting level 1.125 mt. asl
Arrival level 1.321 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 196 mt.
Average slope 0,1324

Starting from Tabià da Rin, along a path, which is partly paved to overcome the steep slopes, and partly dirt , you go up the Val di Poorse up to Pian de le Ciave. Here you turn right, cross the bridge, and continue the hard ascent up to the descent of Grava Bianca, located in a clearing dominated by the imposing and jagged peaks of the Marmarole.


Start Val da Rin
Length 2.100 mt.
Starting level 1.113 mt. asl
Arrival level 1.316 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 203 mt.
Average slope 0,0966

Starting from the end of the Val Da Rin, the climb develops in the first part on a paved road with a rather challenging gradient, around 15%. After two tight turns, the road becomes less challenging, and an excellent dirt road leads easily to the Pian De Sera at a 1300m altitude, a panoramic viewpoint that offers a beautiful shot of the nearby Croda Da Rin.


Start Val Bona
Length 4.490 mt.
Starting level 1.383 mt. asl
Arrival level 1.770 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 387 mt.
Average slope 0,0862

You start from Pralongo, going up the Ansiei Valley on a compact dirt road; once you pass Palus San Marco and the Somadida Forest, entering Val Bona - a scenically beautiful landscape - the slopes gradually become more challenging until reaching a gradient of about 15/20% and leading us to Misurina.


Start La Baita Misurina
Length 4.150 mt.
Starting level 1.839 mt. asl
Arrival level 2.055 mt.asl
Difference in altitude 216 mt.
Average slope 0,052

The climb of the Devil’s Tower - Col de Varda is split into three parts. The first is the Devil’s Tower: you climb the homonymous ski slope, which has very extreme slopes in the last two hundred meters. At the peak, at the feet of Cadini di Misurina, you take the right and find a beautiful path in the woods, slightly downhill, called Terzo Anello, which leads you to the beginning of the ascent of Col de Varda. Here, along the service road, you face a stepped climb, where the really challenging parts are interspersed with other less challenging. In the last five hundred meters the ascent becomes easier and takes you to the crossroad leading to the Col de Varda Shelter.


Start La Loita - Misurina
Length 3.060 mt.
Starting level 1.763 mt.
Arrival level 233 mt.
Difference in altitude 0,0761
Average slope 0

The road of Monte Piana devolopes through a series of short yet very hard climbs, and is partly paved and partly dirt up to the foot of the final winding road. It is the old military road, used during the First World War for troop movement and supplies. It rises gently, giving you the opportunity to admire a magnificent natural setting up to the underneath rocky ridge, where - in order to overcome the last hundred meter altitude, you need to firmly climb the winding road and its severe slopes.


Start Rin Bianco Alm Park
Length 3.900 mt.
Starting level 1.852 mt. asl
Arrival level 2.314 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 462 mt.
Average slope 11.85 %

A hard and tiring climb, but of incomparably beauty. You start from Malga Rin Bianco where the road suddenly and abruptly ses between an alternation of turns and long straight roads. The climb is entirely paved and in the sun, with a wide road in excellent condition. The fatigue on arrival will be rewarded by the incredible mountain scenery surrounding you... a view worthy of a World Heritage Site!!!


Start Fonda Savio Park
Length 3.890 mt.
Starting level 1.762 mt. asl
Arrival level 2.055 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 295 mt.
Average slope 0,0753

The climb of Pian degli Spiriti - Col de Varda starts from the car park of Fonda Savio Shelter. It leads you along a dirt compact path, up to Pian degli Spiriti, a pleasant plateau at the foot of the Cadini. Take the right path through the wood until Torre del Diavolo joins with the Terzo Anello, then continue along the challenging climb that l lead to Col de Varda.


Start Power Plant Malon
Length 360 mt.
Starting level 857 mt. asl
Arrival level 912 mt. asl
Difference in altitude 55 mt.
Average slope 0,1528

More than a climb, a deadly short yet very hard climb of 200 meters, the trampoline towards the finish line. The slopes are severe, over a 20% gradient that will serve, if necessary, to decree the new World Champion


Official Video


2018 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships MEN

Length km 102, Difference in altitude 4.200 meters


2018 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships WOMEN

Length km 89, Difference in altitude 3.400 meters