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My dear friends from around the world,
it is my great honour and pleasure to welcome you all to Auronzo di Cadore for the 16th UCI Mountain bike Marathon World Championships.
The collective focus of the mountain bike world will be on the land of Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks of Lavaredo) as we host some of the planet’s most successful sportsmen and women.
Our organisational team have taken care of every little detail to ensure that your experience is a memorable one.
Pedali di Marca has rich experience in organize internationl mountain bike races, 2011 UCI Mountain bike Marathon World Championships and 2010 UEC Mountain bike Marathon European Championships in Montebelluna – Montello, and we raised the challenge to organize the UCI Mountain bike Marathon World Championships, which is the latest act of the mountain bike season.
We understand the enormity of the responsibility placed on our shoulders and promise to do everything in our powers to ensure the competition is an unprecedent success. There is little doubt that this global event will acta s a huge catalyst for the development of the sport in the entire Cadore region.
We thank the UCI for choosing us to host this prestigious event in Veneto, in the Land of Venice and Trree Peaks of Lavaredo. Dolomites are special mountains, a gift of nature, a monument which moves us. Yet they are a lot more: they are a UNESCO world heritage site.
Once again, mountain bike will prove that is a means to unite different cultures and regions, and promote understanding between them. On the centenary of the end of the First World War, we can state that “where the war divided, now sport unites”
I take this opportunity to warmly welcome bikers, members of UCI, sports fans, volunteers and the international media to attend this celebration of mountain bike.
I also extend my best wishes to the competitors in pursuit of glory. The wait is now over. So stand up, take your bike and make us proud.

Massimo Panighel
Chairman of the Organising Committee
UCI Mountain Bike Marathon Championships
Tre Cime Dolomiti 2018


Official Video


2018 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships MEN

Length km 102, Difference in altitude 4.200 meters


2018 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships WOMEN

Length km 89, Difference in altitude 3.400 meters